Pesshop patch 2012 v1 5 aion, просахих аль бухари pdf

As Patches are done for Aion, use the naming convention of Patch Notes #.# to create the patch. Holiday Event (The Solorius Festival). Holiday NPC's, Cheerful Decorations, and Festive Music located in both major cities. Special Vendor NPC's that sell party. 5. Changed the name of the guards near the Dredgion entrance in both Elysea and Asmodae. - Changed the name of the guard in the Teminon Bind Point. Will introduce 3 new classes! Tags: ncsoft Aion gamescom aion: ascension gamescom 2012 0 Comments Latest Aion Patch Sees Big Crafting, Quest Overhauls. by Kody Jan 26, 2011 File Planet Hosts Aion V1.5 Client! by DoranM.

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