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Present participle - waking. Past participle - waked, woken Singular I woke. You woke. He/she/it woke, Plural We woke. You woke. They woke. Mar 15, 2012 Present, Past-tense, Past-Participal. wake, woke, waked (or woken). awake, awoke, awaked (or awoken). awaken, awakened, awakened. Woken definition, a past participle of wake1 See more. (often followed by up):. The tragedy woke us up to the need for safety precautions. 10. to hold a wake. What is the difference between these two sentences? 1. I just woke up 2. I've just woken.

I will let the Free Dictionary explain, because it is complex. woken up. “The pairs wake, waken Only wake is used in the sense "to be awake," as in expressions like waking (not wakening) and sleeping, every waking hour. Wake is also more.

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